Dry fluorescence immunoassay analyzer (multi-channel)(ZOS-F2100)

Model Numbe:ZOS-F2100 Peripheral interface:HIS,LIS,External printer

Product features:

Many :Up to 20 test channels can realize batch test continuous detection All channels support emergency measurement

Fast :In the external mode, the test results can be obtained after 5 seconds, and the fastest incubation time in the machine is 3 minutes

Quasi :Patent optical detection system 24 bit signal acquisition chip detection accuracy greatly improved

Stable :Built in super stable incubation and detection system completely solves the result deviation caused by temperature difference

Product details:

Super capacitor touch screen The 10.1-inch full touch screen is sensitive and easy to operate
Enrich peripheral interfaces Can connect LIS /HISand external printer, etc
Automatic project identification Automatic acquisition of reagent test items
Smart Android system Better user experience
Automatic printing of results Built in thermal printer for automatic printing of results
Centralized treatment of waste cards The original waste card processing bin is neat and convenient
Scan code automatic entry QR code entry of calibration information is convenient and quick


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